Meet The Team Of Dentistry In Oakpark
We are a family dental practice located in Oakville, providing family dental care to patients of all ages since 2000.

We focus on unique needs of our patients and we strive to create a friendly, caring enviorment.

Our services include:
-general dentistry
-cosmetic dentistry
-dental implants
-wisdom teeth extraction
-periodontal care by Gum Specialist (periodontist)

Our office is equipped with the latest dental technology.


Dr. Margaret Plewik started her dental practice Dentistry in Oak Park in the new developing area in Oakville in 2000. She was excited to see the North Oakville neighborhoods to change and develop rapidly and always felt privileged to be a family dentist of its many residents of different ages and backgrounds. Dr. Margaret Plewik

We offer various forms of sedation. Laughing Gas
dentistry for kids
We strive to make your child's first dental visits to become a positive and a rewarding experience. We understand how important it is to create a lifelong positive attitude towards dental care.