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For ages people have feared the dentist, the dental tools and the noise associated with dental treatment. If you are one of those patients you will have a few options to help you receive the necessary dental care without fear or stress.

If dental problems ar left untreated, they usually get worse and require more extensive and more costly treatment. Also, they may lead to unnecessary pain and compromise your general health and well being.

Please, do not let your anxiety make you avoid dental treatment. Today, we can offer many options that will help apprehensive patients visit the dental office and feel at ease while receiving dental care, after years of postponing it. First, our caring and understanding doctors, dental hygienists and assistants, as well as our friendly front desk staff of the Dentistry in Oak Park will reassure you and answer all your questions and discuss your dental concerns and treatment options. Secondly, for those patients who are still nervous we offer different modalities of sedation.

Laughing Gas - is a very simple method of sedation that has been used for years and its safety is well established. It has a calming effect, yet it is safe for most of the age groups and even for patients with medical conditions. The effect can be easily reversed and there are no “after effects" so you can resume your normal daily activities after your dental appointment and you can drive home yourself.
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Laughing Gas

Dentistry Asleep is a common synonym of IV Sedation (Intravenous Sedation). In this method different sedative drugs are administered throughout the procedure. The sedatives used do not actually put you to sleep but they eliminate your anxiety. You will be in a deeply relaxed state but you will respond when we speak to you. The vital signs are monitored throughout the procedure. IV Sedation is usually used for more complex dental procedures like surgery of wisdom teeth extraction. It may also be used for routine dental treatment like filling or root canal treatment for very apprehensive patients. You remain conscious, but usually will have no memory of your dental treatment and it will seem to you that the appointment was just a few seconds long.
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You cannot eat for several hours before your appointment and you have to be accompanied by another adult as you will not be permitted to drive after this procedure. The sedative “after effects” will last for several hours. We recommend that you do not make any important decisions for several hours after the sedation.

Dr. Margaret Plewik started her dental practice Dentistry in Oak Park in the new developing area in Oakville in 2000. She was excited to see the North Oakville neighborhoods to change and develop rapidly and always felt privileged to be a family dentist of its many residents of different ages and backgrounds. Dr. Margaret Plewik

We offer various forms of sedation. Laughing Gas
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We strive to make your child's first dental visits to become a positive and a rewarding experience. We understand how important it is to create a lifelong positive attitude towards dental care.