Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal simply means “the tissue around the teeth.” Periodontists specialize in the treatment and surgery of this area, which is often characterized by gum disease.

Treatment of periodontal disease - will help patients retain their teeth. It includes non-surgical and surgical approach.

Non-surgical approach:
1. Deep scaling and root planning
2. Laser treatment to reduce bacteria in periodontal pockets
3. Application of medications into periodontal pockets

Surgical approach:

  1. In moderate to advanced periodontal disease gum surgery will usually decrease of eliminate deep pockets and promote good oral hygiene.
  2. Soft tissue grafting is a surgical treatment of gum recession to prevent further gum loss, to strengthen thin gums and to alleviate sensitivity of exposed tooth surface
  3. Hard tissue grafting to:
    • provide more tooth support, to regenerate lost bone and decrease depth of pony pockets.
    • to preserve ridge and to augment bone for implant or bridge placement
  4. Crown lengthening procedure

At Dentistry In Oak Park Dr. Carol Forster is in charge of the treatment of periodontal disease.

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