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We get many patients throughout the year who present with many avoidable sports dental injuries. Usually the severity of the injury can be minimized or completely avoided, by wearing a professionally fitted mouth guard.

Who needs one?

Mouthguards are recommended for any one involved in sport and a custom fitted mouthguard can be professionally made in the dental office to suit the demands of the sport and the athlete. A mouthguard generally covers the upper teeth and offers protection for the teeth, alveolar bone and soft tissue.

A mouthguard should

  • Fit well
  • Be comfortable
  • Be durable and easy to clean
  • Not restrict speech and breathing
  • Be kept in the mouthguard box when not in use
  • Be checked by the dentist at your regular check ups for wear, tear and fit.

Usually a collision, or knock to the face can cause broken/chipped teeth, internal tooth damage, jaw fractures, concussion and soft tissue trauma, sometimes making it expensive and painful to get the teeth back to normal function and appearance.

When should a mouth guard be worn?

Whenever playing (or training) a contact sport, where an injury might occur.


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