All our dental instruments go through sterilization process. First, the instruments are scrubbed then placed in an ultrasonic solution, to remove any residual debris.

Then they are rinsed, dried and sterilized under heat and pressure that kills all bacteria, viruses and spores. The effectiveness of sterilization equipment is measured by special tests on regular basis.

Sterile instruments are stored in sterile pouches. The operatory counters and all surfaces are wiped with disinfecting solutions between each patient. In addition all handles that we touch during the procedure on the patient are covered with disposable plastic wraps.

Dr. Margaret Plewik started her dental practice Dentistry in Oak Park in the new developing area in Oakville in 2000. She was excited to see the North Oakville neighborhoods to change and develop rapidly and always felt privileged to be a family dentist of its many residents of different ages and backgrounds. Dr. Margaret Plewik

We offer various forms of sedation. Laughing Gas
dentistry for kids
We strive to make your child's first dental visits to become a positive and a rewarding experience. We understand how important it is to create a lifelong positive attitude towards dental care.